Welcome to The Radar Rooms

So what is this all about. Well first of all it is posted by John & Jane, not just me as above. So, you may have read already about The Radar Rooms, the Officers’ Mess & the Officers’ Quarters but unless you have read our History of Works page then you will have no idea of how this all came about.

The former GCI Radar station, RAF Ripperston, came with our house. How glib is that – well, yes, but it is the truth and we just did not know what it was.

  • The front door knocked and a very quiet, unassuming gentleman, wearing a very ‘out of season’ but rather smart suit, asked if he could view our RAF buildings. He told us they were a ‘Top Secret’ Radar Station during WWII. His very smart suit became rather less smart as he wondered around the buildings, fascinating us with his wonderful knowledge. At the time of the previous owner just a couple of years previous, the buildings were used as a Pig Farm &, sad to say, a Puppy Farm.
  • John’s fascination grew and as time passed he began to do more and more research into their origin & history. Over the next ten years we repaired and replaced the necessary requirements whilst continuing to use it ourselves in many bizarre and different ways.
  • Eventually, in 2015, we opened to the public with a Heritage Presentation/Guided Tour and a prestigious Art Exhibition, at the request of my art tutor who was chair of 56 Group Wales. Since then we have had visitors from throughout Pembrokeshire, the UK and from as far afield as the USA. We have promoted the art of top Welsh Art Graduates along  with the stunning Art lent to us by GAvA – Guild of Aviation artists.
  • We continued to use the buildings ourselves as a fully integrated part of our home, for our hobbies, for the promotion of Welsh artists and offering guided tours with John’s now highly interesting presentation. We have had visitors staying from all over the country, RAF personnel, individuals with links to WWII radar and visiting artists.
  • Then came COVID & everything changed

SEE our next post for the development of the 1940’s retreat, ‘The Radar Rooms’

Thank you very much for your interest.

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